Assalamualaikum, Hello guys and girls 🙂

A quick introduction about me :

My nickname is Emelda Farisha and I’m seventeen years old. I’m born in Singapore , spent most of my type in Jurong (The west part of Singapore). I’m still schooling and I’m seating for my major national examination this coming November and October. I’m born on the 30th of August 1996. My first best friend is my mum. She’s my mum,my best friend,my doctor,my nurse,my banker,my chef and etc..basically she’s my Everything. I’ve 3 siblings (Including me) I’m the first and followed my other two brothers. Most of the time I will be at school ( Like duhh). I’m a Muslim girl. I love Allah,Muhammad (Pbuh) and My parents. No other people deserve my love other than them.. Well for now (hehe)… Because I’m still single. I love watching soccer  ( LionsXII) ^^ hehe if you’re wonder who are they,They are Singapore Football Club. I watch local football. Being a teenager, I hate studying ( Like duh..who like)..but I need to study because I wanna go to JC (Junior college) after GCE O LEVEL.After graduating from JC, I wanna go to NUS. ^^ In Shaa Allah.. I have a really bad temper… but Alhamdulillah, My temper is completely under-control… Being a Singaporean, I love to eat a lot! ^^ haha.. Well I guess that’s enough information about me for you guys 😉


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