Sometimes…. I wonder…


Sometimes..I wonder why Allah never gave me beautiful looks and have nice body…Why I ended up being like shrek.. Fat and ugly. It’s easy for people to say “Hey everyone are beautiful…” Blah blah blah.. You’re not the one whom going thru this hardship okay. Being laugh at. Being criticize at. Being joke at. The list will be endless. Why. Why is it unfair? Why those people who have good looks and nice body are arrogant? and acted as if they are the one who rule the world by criticizing people like me. Sometimes my confidence level will fall to the lowest level. Even my own parents will criticize me. Sometimes I wonder why Allah create human being with different shapes and sizes.



Follow sunnah & not the society.

Follow sunnah & not the society.


Say & Don’t say

Say & Don't say



A little boy & his mother were crossing a river…

A little boy & his mother were crossing a river...

Summary of this week :D

Monday : I went to school as usual. First period was Physical Education. We ran 2 km and it was kinda fun but kinda tired too.. After PE, we had Geography lesson and my teacher returned our test paper… and guess what? 😛 I got a distinction ^^ I scored 10/12. Although I didn’t met my target, I still happy with the result. Then in the afternoon part : I had English, Live lesson and also Principles of accounts lessons. English was kinda dry we checked our homework and my English teacher kinda disappoint with my class because most of my classmates didn’t do his homework. Including me. We had sexual education lesson during Live lesson. Kinda interesting though.. We learnt about Homosexual : Gays,Lesbians and etc.During POA lesson, We learn new chapter called Control Account. Kinda easy but I just need to memorize the format. Then we had our extra class because 4 hours of POA lesson per week is not enough.

Tuesday : We had PE for the period, Hmm it was a very tiring and painful training. We are doing 3 stations : Seat ups,Standing board jump and also seat and reach. SBJ and S&R was easy compared to seat ups. We did seat up for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. My stomach really can’t take it.. When I was helping my friend to hold her legs,My stomach starting to cramp and I couldn’t take it anymore. Won’t be talking about other lessons because it is the same as the previous day. Let’s jump to PRACTICAL LESSON 😀 Practical was awesome! We are like “Mini scientist” haha we are suppose to find solid Y and liquid X 😀 And all my classmates ended up copying each other’s answers because we gave up. HAHA…

Wednesday : I didn’t come to school. Due to stomach cramp.

Thursday : Which is yesterday 😀 We get out class tee ^^ mine is red in colour ^^ OMG it is super nice.. then yeah during Chemistry lesson, We received our test paper 😀 And I was shocked that no one in my level get 15 and above. Highest was 14 and if I’m not wrong, Only 4 students get 14 and I’m one of the students who gets 14 :). On Thursday also, I received my Malay mock exam paper. Was kinda disappointed with my result. I get 42 out of 70 and most of the students in my class compared mine with their’s. Nahh.. It’s okay :’) I scored lower than them.. I was disappointed because I scored less than 75%.

Friday : Which is today. I didn’t come to school because of sports day and I’m still having stomach cramp.. haha.. 😀

Done! 🙂 I’m done with the summary of my week 🙂


Golden number 1.618

Facts about it 🙂


“Most people sa…

“Most people say that is it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.”

– Albert Einstein